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Naked Blend Peach Detox Glow


Naked Blend’s peach detox glow is a vegan functional beverage packed with natural plant prebiotic, fibre, fruit enzymes and antioxidants.
This natural detox cleanse encourages gentle intestinal flush and cultivates a healthy gut. It supports the body in its natural detoxification process and enhances your well-being, body and skin. Our formulation promotes healthy immune system, boosts natural collagen production, aids in hormonal balance and revives our skin’s natural glow.
A box contains 15 sachets
*Each box of peach detox glow comes with a complimentary compact shaker bottle*
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Natural Peach Extract, Lemon Juice, Orange Peel Extract, Konjac, Fruit Enzyme, Inulin Fibre, Psyllium Husk, Citric Acid, Plant Collagen, Chia Seeds, Xylitol, Stevia Leaf.

✔ Boost metabolism
✔ Support gut health
✔ Improve digestion
✔ Reduce bloating
✔ Regulate bowel movement
✔ Remove internal waste to prevent toxic retention
✔ Reduce inflammation
✔ Strengthen immunity
✔ Aid in hormonal balance
✔ Support healthy blood sugar level
✔ Support balanced PH levels in our body
✔ Improve mood and emotions
✔ Boost energy level and alertness
✔ Promote body’s natural collagen production
✔ Support firmer and tighter skin from collagen production
✔ Promote plumped and hydrated skin
✔ Enhance skin’s natural radiance
✔ Aid in cells renewal
✔ Improve liver function
✔ Improve blood circulation

✔ Pour 1 sachet of Peach Detox Glow into shaker bottle
✔ Add 150ml to 200ml of iced/ room temperature water
✔ Shake well and consume
✔ Drink nightly (After dinner or preferably before 11pm)
✔ May experience bowel movement 6 to 10 hours later